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computation and design workshop

Organized by: School of Architecture, University of Patras


Yannis Zavoleas – University of Patras

Demetri Zisimopoulos, Architect

Vassili Pappas – University of Patras

Vasilis Stroumpakos – University of Patras

Ioanna Symeonidou – TU Graz

Duration: 20-24 February 2012

Nowadays it has become common that the digital medium does not merely define a vague research area, but a powerful tool of action, fully incorporated into architectural design practices. It is important to consider, however, that the “physical” properties of a medium – including the digital one – affect decisively the approaches and the results of design; additionally, that the modes of implementation about a medium often exceed its nominative properties. The medium gives form to creative thinking and acting, therefore it is necessary to scrutinize upon its qualities, in close relation to the ways it interferes with the design process.

The workshops responds to the above challenge. Its goal is to integrate parametric methods in architectural design. The scripting language MEL is introduced, developed on the platform set by MAYA design software. The basics of parametric design, the use of algorithms and the related techniques are presented following an intensive experimenting approach. Moreover, the parametric design methods are compared to digital model development. The processes, the material and the findings of the workshop will be used as the foundation of the related research area and the classes of the school curriculum. The workshop is intensive and it lasts for five (5) days, from morning to evening. Due to its specialized character, it is necessary that the participants follow actively every session. After a series of initial implementations on scripting techniques, they will work in small groups, as they will focus on design research directions they will specify. Familiarity with the GUI and the general capabilities of MAYA is desired.


Pa(t)rametric Ab-users:  Apostolou Malvina & Reppa Panayota

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Kondyli Vasiliki – Petrocheilou Katerina – Spyridonos Eugenia

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When I decided to join this workshop, in my mind I had already rejected the idea of scripting. I thought that the projects that have been made by scripting lacked of human imagination. But by working and learning from this workshop I discovered that I was wrong.

With the guuidance of the teaching team I learned to control scripting and guide it where I wanted it to go, not let it guide me. That is more difficult than the scripting itself. So thank you.

Participating in this Workshop was a unique experience!

The whole team was great, and I was very glad to meet Mrs Ioanna Symeonidou, she’s such a charismatic person! The team was very cooperating, our teachers provided us with the right information, step by step, helping us everytime whe had a problem with the syntax of our scripts.

We met a new world in Maya, the world of scripting! That’s very important because we used to create things manually, without being aware of the facilities that scripting would provide us. Our teachers tried to open our imagination by explaining us how to create spaces and by showing us how important are the empty and the full parts of our creations.

Personally, I think that these lessons made me understand the mentality of creating new spatial experiences via digital programs like Maya. It’s a new way of managing our 3D objects!I wanna thank those who organized this Workshop and I would like to participate again in any similar lessons!

Galani Maria

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